Reference architecture and a prototype of an application offering videos on healthy living.  Stores information regarding medications, current conditions, vaccinations, and allergies.  Sends push notifications if prescription/annual exam is due.


Company that provides insurance coverage for approximately 6.5 million people in the US


The client wanted to accelerate the deployment of mobile solutions to its customers, agents, employees and vendor partners. Ultimately the insurer expects to have numerous mobile applications but this project was one of their first forays into building software for mobile devices.


Saggezza first developed reference architecture to demonstrate how mobile applications would fit within the insurer’s overall IT ecosystem. With the new architecture in place, we worked directly with client business stakeholders to create a “future state” prototype for a personal health manager. The goal was to engage with business users who would be more interested with the interactive mobile components and less engaged with the technical aspects.


The reference architecture now provides a solid framework on which future applications can be built, following a factory model. In addition, the prototype of the Personal Health Manager Application allowed non-technical business users to visually see the outcomes / benefits such as:

  • Greater direct interaction with customers
  • Handling customer queries effectively
  • Encouragement to report healthy behavior
  • App provides push notifications and logs medical & wellness records including
    • Blood glucose
    • BMI
    • A1C
    • Total Cholesterol
    • HDL