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Business Intelligence

The Criticality of Data Governance 

Data Governance has been a challenge for many organizations; with the digital age comes the complexity of consolidating multiple data structures and formats, and lining them with the business perspective. With the speed in which the data has been growing, we are noticing that data…

Business Intelligence

Minimum Lovable Product is the New MVP 

Arguably the biggest benefit of implementing agile product development is the continuous feedback loop that is created by releasing product improvements in increments. Agile breaks down the software delivery process into smaller pieces that allow teams to respond to customer feedback on functionality and user…

Business Intelligence

Transforming Into Agile: Pitfalls to Avoid 

Digital transformation is happening across nearly every industry. Everywhere you look companies are fighting to become more reactive to customer wants and pursuing more progressive delivery methods. Companies with traditional internal processes and methodologies are struggling to stay ahead of younger, more nimble companies. The…