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Development Operations

The Changing Face Of The Cloud 

The global public cloud services market is expected to grow 21.4% to £139bn this year, up from £114.5bn in 2017, according to the latest research by Gartner. The fastest-growing segment of the market is cloud system infrastructure services (also known as infrastructure as a service or IaaS), which…


Sunderland: a great place to live and work 

Sunderland is home to one of the fastest growing digital technology clusters in the UK, with the number of people working in the sector growing by 26% over the past four years. The city also had the high    est Digital Tech birth rate in the UK…

User Experience

Custom Elements: An HTML Web Component 

HTML standards change from day to day. This constant evolution makes it fun to imagine where the technology is headed. The most recent evolution is the introduction of web components.  Components come in the form of templates, decorators, and elements. These allow for portions of…

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Hidden Nuggets of JQuery Goodness 

jQuery. The name makes most front-end developers smile due to it’s ease of use and great functionality, not to mention the browser compatibility. However, it is good to remember how large the library is and there are always more benefits to be gained from it….

User Experience

JQuery UI Drag n’ Drop Reverting 

The jQuery UI is a very powerful tool that can greatly increase the interactivity of websites. Sometimes it doesn’t always provide the exact use we require. A prime example of this can be seen in the revert option for drag and drop objects. While the…

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Mobile Testing and Debugging 

Any traditional web developer that transitions into the mobile arena will quickly learn that many of the common development tools they take for granted in the web world – are inaccessible on mobile phones. Even someone extremely familiar in the mobile space will need to…

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An Approach to a Responsive Design Project 

Recently, I was responsible for writing a brief presentation on responsive web design. In my research, I found there are three key concepts to traditional responsive design: media queries, flexible grids, and flexible images. Knowing the key concepts is not enough, though. What good are…